Elden Ring – How To Beat Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Realizing

With Maliketh lifeless and Lyndell buried in ash, it is time to make the trek to the Erdtree and declare the throne. Sadly, the struggle is nowhere close to over. A number of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring stand in your method. First on the listing: Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Realizing.

Because the chief of the Roundtable Maintain and an “all-knowing” scholar, it is no shock that Gideon boasts a powerful array of assaults. The struggle is basically a showcase of all probably the most highly effective Sorceries and Incantations within the recreation, a lot of which you’ll have already encountered in earlier boss fights. If you know the way to keep away from these spells–or are capable of apply a lot stress he by no means has the possibility to solid them–this struggle is a cinch.

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Making ready for the struggle

This is likely one of the final fights within the recreation, so you ought to be at a excessive stage by the point you get right here. Someplace within the 150 vary is good. Get your weapon leveled as much as the max–+25 for normal weapons or +10 for distinctive weapons.

Whereas Gideon does deal Customary harm, his most harmful assaults deal Magic, Holy, or Fireplace harm. Swimsuit up in no matter armor has the very best resistance to Elemental harm (Lusat’s Set being one of the best of the bunch), and produce alongside some Spellproof, Holyproof, and Fireproof Dried Liver for good measure. Mixing the Opaline Hardtear into your Flask of Wondrous Physick could make a distinction, too.

Gideon is extraordinarily weak to Insanity, so high-Religion builds ought to come outfitted with their favourite Frenzy Incantations. For Sorcerers, Ranni’s Darkish Moon and Eternal Darkness are one of the best spells for the struggle.

Lastly, summoning a Spirit Ash could make fast work of Gideon. You may need one thing that may deal a number of harm up close–Black Knife Tiche is a good possibility, as is the Mimic Tear when you’re working a melee-centric construct your self.

How you can beat Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Realizing

Comet Azur is one of Gideon's deadliest spells. When you see the blue energy beam charging up, get ready to dodge, or seek cover behind a pillar.
Comet Azur is one in all Gideon’s deadliest spells. Once you see the blue power beam charging up, get able to dodge, or search cowl behind a pillar.

If there’s one technique you wish to make use of towards Gideon, it is continuous aggression. His spells are highly effective, however they’re nearly all projectiles with appreciable windups, and might simply be interrupted with even a lightweight assault. Backing him right into a wall renders him principally ineffective; shut the hole as shortly as you possibly can, and stun-lock him into oblivion.

In case you’re using a long-ranged strategy–be it spells or arrows–you’ll positively wish to carry alongside an aggressive Spirit Summon for the struggle. Gideon will solid most of his deadliest spells from a distance. Having one other participant keep in his face to interrupt his casts provides you with time to arrange your personal long-distance assaults, with out continuously having to fret about dodging his projectiles.

As quickly as you enter the sector for the primary time, Gideon will start a speech. He will not get aggressive till he is finished talking, so shortly run as much as him and dish out your deadliest assault earlier than he has the possibility to defend himself.

Gideon would not deal melee harm. As a substitute, he depends on casting the strongest spells within the recreation. These are the Sorceries he’ll solid all through the struggle:

  • Comet. He’ll fireplace a big Glintstone comet at you, generally casting the spell as much as 4 occasions in a row in fast succession. Dodge to the aspect to keep away from harm.
  • Comet Azur. He’ll launch an enormous power beam that may simply one-shot you when you get caught in its path. Fortunately, the charge-up could be very nicely telegraphed. Roll to the aspect proper earlier than he releases the beam.
  • Carian Phalanx. He’ll summon an arc of magic sword above his head that may shoot at you when you get too shut. You’ll be able to keep away from the projectiles by rolling to the aspect as quickly as they fireplace.
  • Rykard’s Rancor. A big, purple cranium will float towards you, following you round for some time earlier than disappearing. Shortly after, the purple path within the air left by the cranium will start to blow up, beginning the place the spell was solid and ending the place the cranium disappeared. As menacing as it might be, the cranium itself would not really deal harm. Simply take note of the trail it takes, and get out of the best way earlier than the AOE explosions begin.
Eternal Darkness can redirect the majority of Gideon's Sorceries, including the Comet.
Everlasting Darkness can redirect nearly all of Gideon’s Sorceries, together with the Comet.

These Sorceries may all be prevented by getting behind one of many many pillars scattered all through the room. As well as, in case you have the Intelligence required to solid it, Everlasting Darkness could be a enormous assist. It creates a portal that may redirect and take in nearly all of Gideon’s spells, supplying you with time to run up for an assault. Higher but, hit him with Ranni’s Darkish Moon to close off his means to solid Sorceries completely.

Get between the rings to avoid damage from the Triple Rings of Light Incantation.Get between the rings to avoid damage from the Triple Rings of Light Incantation.
Get between the rings to keep away from harm from the Triple Rings of Mild Incantation.

These are the Incantations Gideon will solid all through the struggle:

  • Black Flame Ritual. He’ll summon a circle of black flames round himself, which can proceed dealing harm to you over time if it connects. Merely dodge away from him to keep away from the AOE.
  • Triple Rings of Mild. He’ll shoot three giant Holy rings, fanning out towards you in straight strains earlier than returning to Gideon a second after. Get between the rings to keep away from, or dodge by way of them. Be ready to keep away from them once they boomerang again.
  • Legislation of Causality. He’ll gesture along with his arms out to his aspect, earlier than forming an Elden Ring on his chest. When you hit him 5 occasions, the ring will explode. Attempt to get within the remaining hit with a projectile from a distance to keep away from harm.
  • Scarlet Aeonia. He’ll soar within the air, turning into a lotus earlier than slamming again into the bottom, dealing enormous quantity of Scarlet Rot in an AOE blast. Run out of the best way whereas he hovers within the air.
  • Bloodboon. He’ll throw a wave of Blood Flame at you, dealing Bleed. Merely get out of vary, or dodge backward when he winds up.

Once more, Gideon is extraordinarily weak to melee harm. Whereas his spells are highly effective, they’ll all be simply interrupted. Get in his face, do not lay off with the assaults, and you may defeat him earlier than he even has the possibility to solid nearly all of his spells. Once you kill him, you will be rewarded with 150,000 Runes, the All-Realizing Set, and the Scepter of the All-Realizing. Now, it is time to proceed onward and tackle Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

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